Thailand Stock Exchange Data Center

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Thailand Stock Exchange invited PM-B to provide advisory services. And design a data center of 1500 square meters. The data center is Located in a 6-story building, whinch is  build in accordance with a very strict standard. Using as the financial industry.

In the first phase of the feasibility study, we used the best data center solutions to eliminate single point failure, and for the data center, request some requirement of design.

During the feasibility study stage, our work include: Communicate with building construction and professional engineers. Request the requirements of infrastructure and the feasible program. In order to meet the design requirements of high redundancy. We also had a similar communication with end-user. To ensure that the final design to meet the operational needs of users.

After finishing the design stage. For their basis of the project bidding, we submit a detailed report of the technical specifications to Thailand Stock Exchange. The consultation which we provided also include: help customers to review submitted file of bidder, provide professional comments. It is very helpful to select suitable contractor for Thailand

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